Optimum Services, Inc. (OSI) offers a wide range of services for clients with diverse needs. OSI’s full capabilities can be focused to complete a full project management engagement which will take full advantage of the firm’s extensive experience, capabilities and resources or services can be provided on an individual contracting basis.

Whether it is managing an entire project or a specific contracting need, OSI provides each client with the highest quality available as well as on-time completion and budget conformity.


Earthwork / Waterways

OSI’s Site Contracting team utilizes its own fleet of heavy equipment, staff of internal engineers and cutting-edge technology to provide the highest level of earth moving and waterway construction services.


Underground / Utilities

OSI is recognized as a top provider of underground installation services in virtually any type of soil or special application. OSI’s team has extensive experience in designing and delivering utilities such as water, sewer and power as well as new drainage and irrigation projects.



OSI’s Roadwork team has delivered numerous large- and small-scale projects for federal, state and local governments as well as private developers and contractors. OSI capabilities range from extensive roadway engineering, site work and construction to the paving of local streets and parking lots.


Disaster Relief

OSI is also a specialist in providing disaster relief services across the country. OSI’s Disaster Relief Team is poised for quick response and on-site arrival to provide site management, large-scale debris removal and processing as well as demolition services. OSI’s Disaster Relief team has key experience serving hard-hit communities in the aftermath of emergencies such as hurricane landfall on the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast of the United States.

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